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In order to create a successful guide to provide, not only us lawyers, but also anybody who would like to start materializing a concrete business idea, we created this simple but efficient guide with concrete steps, information and links to courses and tutorials that will help you to actually do that. Inside of the document you will find the next information:

1- Easy and simple example of one of the available, between many,  Business Model structure that you can actually use. Its just an example, so you should, first define your activity and second define the kind of target you would like to reach.

2- Tools to actually create and launch an operative website

3- SEO positioning guide

4- List of available tools to develop a content marketing strategy. Its only a list, so you will need to go deeper on that information and search for concrete examples and tools for your specific activity.

5- I should create a Blog section inside of my site, and try to keep it updated daily!

6- Examples on where to find info about Product Marketing strategies

7- Tools to analyze the data flowing inside of my website and social media tools!


Link to the Guide: Here






chamatabogados • 31 mayo, 2018

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